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Rear End Noise

This is a discussion on Rear End Noise within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hello, I bought a 99 Z28, which has a little rear end noise , just when I lift the foot ...

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    Rear End Noise

    Hello, I bought a 99 Z28, which has a little rear end noise , just when I lift the foot off the accelerator pedal. Just a little. What could it be ? Some serious things ?

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    Is it at a specific speed? First what you want to do is take it past the speed where it makes noise and put it in neutral, if it makes the noise its the rear end, if it doesn't it's tranny or engine related. If it's slight it could be just loud tires and you letting your foot off the gas makes them audible. If it is the rear end the backlash is probably a bit to lose, something a mechanic could verify or you yourself could if you don't mind getting dirtym, we'll help by telling you what to look for if you go that route

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    It's possible someone changed the rear gears. If they aren't setup properly they can make noise. Some brands of gears are known to be a little noisy as well. I'd say take it to a reputable mechanic and have it looked at. My gears do the same thing, but with the setup I have, I expected it.

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    My 3.73's are a little noisier than my fctory 3.23's but even those made noise after 50k and by 70k they were junk. The rears on these are a little noisy especially if someone replaced them with richmond gears I have heard frm a few people they make a little more noise than GM or Motive gears. Can't say since I never used richmond's. But depending on mileage and the way the car was driven and if the fluid was changed can cause noise and eventually failure since the 10 bolt is junk to begin with. I wish GM would have at least used a rear like the 8.8 Mustang I never had issues with any I have owned even with h/c and a blower. This 10 bolt will break under stock power with a good enought set of tires.
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    A little gear whine is nothing to worry about.

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