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Randys Ring And Pinion Nightmare

This is a discussion on Randys Ring And Pinion Nightmare within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Bought a gearset from Randys Ring And Pinion a couple of weeks ago and after my mechanic ended up beating ...

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    Randys Ring And Pinion Nightmare

    Bought a gearset from Randys Ring And Pinion a couple of weeks ago and after my mechanic ended up beating his head on the wall he finally figured out that the pinion shaft was faulty(shaft milled down too small) and now the headaches are really setting in.Called them back and they say that they don't have anymore pinions that they can send ,and they want me to buy a new 3 series carrier for 400 bucks and use the standard 3.73 gears.I kinda laughed at the salesman and just got a RA# and shipping tag.Now here I sit going on week 3 waiting for randys ring an pinion to fix this mess , and they seem none to interested in fixing it this year.
    I also forgot to mention that some of the parts in the install kit were the wrong parts and had to go to the local NAPA to get the right stuff.
    They have been like dealing with any other large corp. and trying to solve a problem.Lots of voicemails that never get returned,Transfered from one person to the other with no help from anyone,Just one great big nightmare.
    I guess the moral of my story is dont try to fall into the same trap as I have done.Buy from a local dealer if possible and make sure you are getting the right parts before you tear apart your rear end.

    oh yeah stay away from yukon gears and randys ring and pinion.

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    That's unfortunate, they must have been having an off day when they packed your order! I would just take the refund and head elsewhere for parts, like one of the site sponsors.

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