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Opinions On Gear Brands

This is a discussion on Opinions On Gear Brands within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Whats everyone's opinion on gear brands, I've heard Richmonds and Motive are good, how about U.S. Gears, or Yukon?...

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    Opinions On Gear Brands

    Whats everyone's opinion on gear brands, I've heard Richmonds and Motive are good, how about U.S. Gears, or Yukon?

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    everyone has their opinions, but ive actually heard that the GM gear sets are really good. They are a bit softer material than what Richmond uses, and that allows for a bit faster break in and a little more "give" if you will on the teeth. Weve used Richmond on alot of our cars and have had problems with teeth breaking off the ring gear. But pretty much any of the big name manufacturers have quality products.

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    I had a Moser 12 bolt with Eaton posi installed yesterday with 3:73 Yukon gears. The shop test drove it and pulled the Yukons. On and off the gas they said it sounded like a French police car. They put Motives in and voila... no more gear noise.

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    Motive Performance in my old 10 bolt, now I have them in my 9". I am very happy with them.

    Make sure you buy the Motive performance (the ones in the red or orange box) and not the regular brand (ones in the blue box) of Motives. The performance line is built much better and made in Italy. I have read that the regulars are made in china.
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