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one wheel burnouts

This is a discussion on one wheel burnouts within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Here is the Car Craft article I was referencing. It has a good description of both the factory and aftermarket ...

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    Here is the Car Craft article I was referencing. It has a good description of both the factory and aftermarket units along with pictures of the components:

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    You can also read this. Probably will become a sticky...

    Differences between: Locker,Limited slip, Spool

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    I don't think they make a a true trac for our 10 bolts. You are pretty limited to Eaton or Auburn posi or a Torsen unit IIRC.

    Also there are different styles of lockers. The Eaton G80 standard in my Z-71 is the one that powers one wheel until it detects slip and then lock the other wheel.

    Detroit makes one that powers both wheels then when you turn the slower wheel unlocks and ratchets until both wheels are going the same speed again. I have a buddy who has one on his Dodge truck and it is strong but noisy on turns.... Unless you knew better you would think something is broken......

    This one>>>>
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    To many choices haha. Just cross the bridge when I get around to it.
    Everything I've seen in my area with a locker is fun when your trying to mess around but a pain and kinda scary if your not.

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