Overall i am very impressed with the shifter. For $20 I think it's incredible for 5 mins worth of work to have a short shifter. I've been switching them back and forth the last few days due to a few reasons (stock to umi).

In the end I will be putting the UMI on for good with a few mods like a rubber padding between the shifter and base before bolting it together, and something rubber under the bottom of the shifter like the stock one. The stock shifter seems to press down on the rubber boot I don't know which may be the reason for the rattle I get.

Shift effort does increase alot which is racy but by no means 'hard' in my opinion. I like it. After switching back to the stocker I almost laughed. It feels like a loose twig sometimes.
I didn't think I would like the fact that it is angled towards the driver. After a few drives it felt normal and didn't bother me one bit. It's also much shorter than stock I wish it was a few cm taller. I think a smaller boot would help it look better because the stock boot gets folded up quite a bit. it does look much nicer to me.
best of all, I never missed a single gear with this shifter. it feels like it finds the gears much much better. With the stock shifter it feels a little sloppy at times especially 4-5. 4-5 with this shifter was no problem at all.


I wonder if the shifter was straight if I would like it better. I'll never know I guess.

I did get a rattle at higher rpms from the short shifter. Since it doesn't have a rubber damper in there theres obviously more engine vibration. Vibration didnt bother me but the rattle did. A suggestion to anyone installing this would be to put something small and thin... rubber or something between the shifter and the base when tightening the bolts. I'm going to do this tommorow and see if thats why it was rattling.