as the title said. i put in the edelbrock arm was 190 shipped with the bushing. bushing was worn and the car drove like crap , all wiggly clunky and rattly. well after about an hour install the car drives so much better now so much stiffer, firmer ,straighter and since there was no power loss i actually broke the tires loose alot easier and the tires actually "chirped" for the first time in a long time(automatic) they used to. the car feels alot stronger now. the bushing in there was worn and broken and also i looked at the torque arm and it looked totally warped and wavy ...good job GM on that one. i can't believe just how much parasitic power loss there was through the crappy torque arm and worn out bushing...and just how crappy the ride quality got with the bad bushing. it literally felt like the back of the car was separating from the front.