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Junkyard Rear End

This is a discussion on Junkyard Rear End within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I recently got a set of used richmond 3.73 gears out of my friends 00 Z28 They have about 1000 ...

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    Junkyard Rear End

    I recently got a set of used richmond 3.73 gears out of my friends 00 Z28 They have about 1000 miles on them probably less, but I fiured I would over guess for this. He took them out because he set them up to tight, and the would howl a bit. So rather then reset the backlash properly, he had a mechanic throw in a set of 4.10's. He didn't need the 3.73's so he gave them to me for my 01 Z28. They look to be in excelent shape with no visable damage that I can see the factory finish hasn't even be worn yet. What I would like to do is get a rear out of a recked Z28 and install the gears in that one, keep my original rear untouched. That way in the event of a failure which will happen I can just swap the original rear back in. A slightly more costly approach but I rather do that than tear my rear apart. And I'm feeling very frogy about doing this after the excelent article Keliente wrote. Plus this way I can take my time setting up the new rear. My questions are, what can I expect to pay for a salvaged rear (I just want a ballpark figure not looking for exact pricing)? Will any 93-02 Z28 or SS rear work in my 01 or should I stick with 98-02? and do you think there might be anything wrong with the gears I got? I know that with all that effort I should probably get a different rear but I don't race enough yet to worry about that. I really just want them for when I tow my quad. Any ifo would be greatly appreciated

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    I do not know about the years, does you car have traction control ? have ser 2 or 3 carrier ( 2.73-3.08 gear will be ser 2, if 3.23 gears be ser 3 carrier), if the gears were set wrong they may have pattern and may howel little even if you now set up correct
    chk the for sale section here and several other boards find used rear about 250.-400 + shipping
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    Chances are the gears are okay even if they were set up a little tight.

    The rear ends are interchangeable from 93-02, but make sure you end up with a 3 series carrier (any car that came with 3.23s or higher). If you have traction control or ABS it would be in your best interest to find a rear with the same setup.

    Used rear ends...cost maybe $200-$350 depending on the junkyard. Dont' be afraid to make offers when you go visit one, they often take less than the stated price.

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    Cool, I just checked out a local one yesterday, and the wanted 850 for a complete rear caliper to caliper, but it was a 99 auto 5.7L Firebird non posi rear. Can the non posi rears be converted to posi? I know in my factory service manual the later non posi rears cannot be converted to run the Zexel torsens setup my 01 has, but can the earlier clutch type or aftermarket diff carriers be installed in a non posi rear? My rear is a 3.42, ABS, non traction control rear. I will deffinatley check the for sale forum because 250-500 is a significant amount less than what I've been seeing even with shipping.

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