I'm looking to get an axle overhaul kit for my 98 t/a,I think my axle has been changed though.it has a torsen diff.,I know that they didnt come out with torsen till 99.all the kits I've looked at says like 82-98,then 99 & up.what would be the difference in these kits,what would have changed that there would be different kitsfrom 98 to 99.I would hate to get a kit for 98 & it not work because of some slight difference,or for 99 & up & it be wrong too.how do i know what axle i have,all i see is some wasted away bar code on the drivers side that cant be read,all i can make out is"9hn",the rest cant be read.i dont see any stamping on the axle tube on the driver side.it only has the single abs sensor on top of the diff. housing if that helps.motive has a kit part no. r7.5grmk,for up to 98,but for 99& up it changes to part no. r7.5grlmk.can i use either one,or is there some slight difference thats going to end up costing me alot of money if i get the wrong one.i guess proper i.d. of the axle is going to be the only way if thats possible.