So, I have a question, my brother owns a 240sx that has been recently converted from an automatic to a manual drivetrain. He’s never driven a standard before, so I was kinda making fun of him because I figure he would hate driving a standard in traffic (not the most patient person),. He put a Stage III clutch in the car and with some help, completely changed the car over to a manual. He had absolutely no trouble learning how to drive it once it was converted, I was really surprised, so I asked to drive his car. I get in it and drive it around the block a couple of times, the cars shifting is extremely smooth and you would have to be completely retarded to stall car, it has so much give way compared to other manual cars I have driven. When I originally drove my TA, I thought that the M6 was pretty much easier compared to my old ’89 Honda Accord that was also a manual. My girlfriend’s ’88 Prelude is also a much more difficult manual car to drive. So, my question is how much is that Stage III clutch affecting the way the car feels and switching gears? Is his car much easier to drive because of that clutch, or is some other factor taking place? I would guarantee if he drove my girlfriend’s car, he would stall all of the time, or give the car way to much gas just to get the car to go.