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Help On Swaping Gears

This is a discussion on Help On Swaping Gears within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Ok, well I've been reading every thread on swaping gears and have made a descision on what gears to go ...

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    Cool Help On Swaping Gears

    Ok, well I've been reading every thread on swaping gears and have made a descision on what gears to go with. I've descided to swap my stock 2.73 ring and pinion with a 3.73 ring and pinion. Now I have been calling every shop in town getting prices and asking questions. average price in labor is about $35o. Now I just want to make sure I get the right gears, from what I've read and been told to get in parts is a 3.73 "thick" ring and pinion, and the installation kit. Now a couple shops said that I need to change carriers, is that necessary? I was told if I don't my rear end would be noisy. If the guy who installs it does it right shouldn't it be ok with just the ring and pinion? Has any one done this swap from their stock? Please help!

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    Trust me save your money, For the at least $500-600 you are going to spend changeing your gears, wait and save for a new Moser 9" ford That is 10x better of a rearend. You will be a 1/3rd of the way there into getting one. Trust me I wish I did that, I am now saving for 1.

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    hey you sound like me about 3 weeks ago.
    My car is in the shop right now having the same thing done.
    You do not need a new carrier.The reason you are gettin the thick gear is because the carrier is smaller with the 2.73-3.02 gears in the 3rd member.
    its called a 2 series carrier.I bought my gears from Randys Ring And Pinion and they knew excatly what I needed and supplied all the parts for a complete overhaul for 320 to my door.
    Now the other side of the story is that my mechanic cant get the rear end set up correctly and my car is in the shop for the 7 day today and I am getting aggrevated.He has adjusted the backlash out to 12 thousandths and it is still whining.The poor guy is banging his head against the wall and about to go crazy.
    My suggestion for you would be to find someone who has rebuilt one of these rears before,and get them to do the work.My mechanic has rebuilt rears for the last 25 years and he is at wits end with this thing.The carrier and setup is not like other GM Rears and has worm gears instead of spiders in the carrier.He is waiting for a call back from randys tech support before going in it again as he has been through it 5-6 times now with no luck.
    Not tryin to hijack the thread but if anyone else has any help for me please send a pm or email at firemedic0135@yahoodotcom.
    I would definantly consider getting a 9"if you have the funds.
    I had no choice but to make the change as my ring and pinion were filed razor sharp and just about to crater.Without the luxery of 2k in my pocket I had to go for the rebuild.
    Hope this helps your decision

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