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This is a discussion on Help within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; OK long story.. I was on my way from Las Vegas to South Carolina when my rear end went out.. ...

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    OK long story.. I was on my way from Las Vegas to South Carolina when my rear end went out.. so I had to leave it on the side of the road while I travelled on because I was under military orders... for 6 weeks it sat in Oklahoma while I arranged someone there to put in a new rear end.. anyhow.. out of that I found out that I have a transmission mount stripped and nothing holding it.. so I have to take it easy on a start in 1st gear before I get it fixed.. once Im in gear that is not an issue.. anyhow tonight.....

    I hit second by myself no other car there.. and eased into the gear and once it caught hit it... in about 10-11 seconds I guess I was in third gear and over 100... and grabbed the brakes to come to my stop (this was on an offramp late at night) skidded a tiny bit but not much... then I got two lights.. ABS INOP and TCS OFF. I started the car 4 more times when I got home and it says the same. The TCS switch does not work. Not that I really care about that but I want it fixed.

    What broke?
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    maybe they didn't put the abs sensors back in the rear....or didn't put the axel with the abs in

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    take it to autozone and get the codes pulled. that will tell you if an abs sensor is either missing, or not connected.

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