Just looking to see if someone else may have had a similar prob.

Car is all stock M6 99 SS. I just got it recently. If I have the windows closed and the radio off, when I'm driving, I hear what sort of sounds like a caliper with no pad grinding on the rotor. It might be in my head - but it seems like I only hear it when coasting, or decelerating. When I push the throttle - even just a tiny bit - it seems to go away.

It's not the rotors - I checked them today. The wheel bearings also appear to be fine. When it's grinding, if I put on the Ebrake it has no affect. Seems to get louder as I'm getting closer to a complete stop.

Also, noticed a spot of oil on my garage floor in the morning right under the dif - but I don't see anything leaking. Should I pull the cover and make sure everything looks ok? Could it be the gears?

Hope it's nothing crazy, thanks for any help.