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Gears and where to get them?

This is a discussion on Gears and where to get them? within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Ive asked this b4 but cant find it, so I get it from summit racing they are a sponser I ...

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    Gears and where to get them?

    Ive asked this b4 but cant find it, so I get it from summit racing they are a sponser I think right? What stage or series or whatever would I need if I want 3.73 to replace my stock gears?
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    The series of the carrier depends on what stock gears it came with. I believe most A4's came with a 2 series carrier and M6's came with a 3 series carrier. Pretty sure you can double check that with some googling and your VIN and service tag located either in your glove compartment or drivers side door jamb. Any Chevy Dealership Service Department should have that info.

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    if you have 2.73 gears it is series 2 and if you have 3.23 it is series 3. that is if you are automatic. if you are manual you will have series 3 cause of the 3.4? gears. if you are a WS6 then you have series 3. find out what gears you have in there stock.

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    I'd recommend Motive Performance gears (Motive Performance, not regular Motive). I just got my 4.10s from Summit & they were around $185 or so. An arguably better gear would be the AAM set (same supplier as GM's OEM gears). You'd have to call up Randy's Ring & Pinion about those - I think they're just under $200.

    I also got my Ratech bearing kit & a solid pinion spacer from Summit.

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    I bought a brand new set of GM 3.73 from a guy on eBay who had them setting around in his garage for $90. I would go with Motive or GM because they don't whine like the others. If your replacing the gears, buy the complete bearing, shim, seal kit and replace it all while your in there. I have never taken apart the rear end of a car before and I used keliente's how to instructions. She made it simple to do. No problems so far.
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