I 've just noticed a whine or whirring coming from the rear of the car. It isnt too loud, just enough for me to notice it, no one else in the car does. Last October the pinion gear chewed itself to bits, so i had it rebuilt(couldnt afford a 12 bolt then, still cant now). I also had them put 3.73 gears in since the cost difference was minimal(i dont think it cost extra at all actually) They used GM gears, which from what I read are Motive gears which are known to whine.

Before I had it rebuilt the rear started to making all sorts of noise, clicking and clacking when put in gear or reverse, and a loud whine/whirring/grinding at all speeds that was mistaken as tire noise. This noise isnt like that, its light, and only seems to do it when on slight throttle, heavy throttle i cant hear it, probably due to my exhaust, but at light throttle while cruising it comes. at 35-40 and 70mph. My car is a 2001 auto.

So anyone have any input on this for me? Should I take back to the shop and have the rear checked up?