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Gear swap question? Please help

This is a discussion on Gear swap question? Please help within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; My current setup is stock and is whining pretty bad.I want to rebuild the rear and swap gears from the ...

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    Gear swap question? Please help

    My current setup is stock and is whining pretty bad.I want to rebuild the rear and swap gears from the current 2.73 with a 2 series carrier to a 3.73.
    I have read somewhere that you need a specific ring & pinion gear for the 2 series carrier.I also read that a spacer can be used for the 2 series carrier.
    Due to my ignorance about rear ends (on cars) I am really wadding through a ton of info trying to figure out what the hell I need.I wouldnt know a 2 series carrier from a 3 series carrier if they hit me in the head
    Thanks again in advance for those that take the time to get me on the right track.

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    It is my understanding that you need a 3-series carrier for the 3.73's.....unless of course someone has developed a 2-series carrier that will work....just haven't heard of one.....I could be wrong but I just haven't heard of it

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    You can put a 3.73 gear on a series 2 Carrier "IF" you use a spacer and you have a series 2 in yours. A 3.73 is thinner than the 2.73 so you have to make up for it with the spacer or find a series 3 Carrier which came in cars with 3.23 or numerically higher gears all M6 cars had 3.42 (series 3) and some autos had 3.23 (series 3). 3.08 and down numerically are series 2. There is no "special" gear you just need to use a spacer with 3.73's. If you get a 3.08 it will just go right in but that wouldn't be worth the time/cost to replace.

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