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Gear swap info for all

This is a discussion on Gear swap info for all within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Here are a few facts for anyone wanting a gear swap. I have a 98 T/A with normal bolt ons, ...

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    Gear swap info for all

    Here are a few facts for anyone wanting a gear swap. I have a 98 T/A with normal bolt ons, LT headers, Y-Pipe, LS6 manifold, volant cai, free mods, tsp rumbler cat back. I wanted to do a gear swap on my car and here is what I found out during this quest. My car had 3.42 gears originally, I bought a set of 4.10 gears and installed them ( I am no stranger to gear swap and set up procedure) I had the 4.10s in the car for a total of 4 days, I removed them This is why, with the 4.10 gears you will go thru the first 4 gears very quick, faster than I liked, I like to wind my gears out and feel the car pull. You dont have much of a chance to do this with 4.10s before you know it you are in the rev-limiter, I have a shift lite so I dont stay in it but believe me you will be in it very quick. The car would haul dont get me wrong, spin in 1st, 2nd , and then scratch in 3rd, before you know it you are doing 80mph but like I said no time to enjoy the gear pulling which is why I bought the 6 speed. So I put my 3.42s back in and sold the 4.10s when I did I bought a set of 3.73s I just installed them and here is what I think. These are a great gear for the car, there is noticable improvement in acceleration and I still get to row thru the gears and feel them work. There is not too much of a difference in 6th on the highway so I dont think milage will be affected much if at all. The car is a beast, especially over 100 it will pull the higher mph way faster than my 3.42s. I am writing this to all because I read all over this site guys saying go with 4.10 for manual cars and 3.73 for the autos, that is not what I liked in mine. the 4.10 was just too much. I drive my car daily and put about 400 miles a week on it. If you use yours for the track regularly maybe the 4.10 are for you. I did all this swapping with GM gears because they are the quietest gearsets you can buy, I never hear any noise out of mine at 30 or 130.
    Here is another thing to consider if you change your gears yourself, I used a ratech installation kit from summit the bearings were all name brand and fine but this is something to consider, the crush sleeve controls bearing preload, I was able to crush the ratech sleeve using my impact gun, and crushed it quickly and too much, So I went and got a new sleeve from the dealer, my impact would not even come close to crushing it. It took my leg and a 18 inch breaker bar to bring it in. Alot of people attribute our rear ends failing because of pinion gear movement if the crush sleeve moves you can have pinion shaft movement causing big problems.
    Fact new crush sleeve from Gm 6 dollars
    new cross pin retaining bolt 4 dollars ( I highly recommend this)

    Hope someone can use this info
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    I'm in the process of installing new gears myself, and I'm using the Ratech solid pinion spacer in lieu of a crush sleeve, so that's my recommendation. I also bought a new pinion shaft lock bolt from the local GM dealer ($2.19), so I'll second that advice.

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    To each his own. When i got my Moser 9" I went with the 4.11's. I love them. the car gets in the power band so much quicker and yes it does get through the first 4 very fast but I have not found it ot be a hassle. Also 6th gear for me is now a usable gear on regular roads. before I could only use it on the interstate. I don't drive as much as you do and its probably hard to live with those gears for a DD. I'd say anyone thinking about doing the swap try to find someone with the gears in already so you can find out for yourself what gears are right for you, becasue everyone has a differant opion on every mod.

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