I have a 98 Z28, with 6speed, car has 2001 Z06 tires and wheels(275/40zr17 and 285/35zr18) When Im driving or sitting still, doesnt matter, my steering wheel sits at center, and has about 1/4" play to left or right before wheels begine to turn, and I feel resistance in the steering wheel as I should. My question is, what can I do about the excess play, is it a rack worn out, I found a new Rack assembly for 98 Z28, never installed for 310.00 plus shipping, also found many lesser expesive used racks, but worried that I might still run into same problem. What else should I replace? I am on a budget as I just bought the car. It drives very well, except at higher speeds that play can make it seem a little scary, you turn just a little as I am used to on my 95 Z28, and nothing happens, so I have to turn more than usual, and I have no choice but to use both hands as it seems that the excess play makes my hands move left to right as Im driving just from normal road vibration. I am used to a much more stiff steering wheel.

Car has 109k miles, and seems the previous owner has done some mods to the car, he has added frame connectors, SLP Cold Air Intake and Lid, angel eye headlights, as I stated the Z06 rims and Falcon Tires, Cat Back exhaust.

Any help would be appreciated.