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Differential whine

This is a discussion on Differential whine within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have a stock 98 Z28 6-speed with 150K miles. A noise that sounds like a gear whine has just ...

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    Differential whine

    I have a stock 98 Z28 6-speed with 150K miles. A noise that sounds like a gear whine has just started in the rear end. About 500 miles ago it was very faint and I could only hear it below 20 mph. Now it is louder and I can hear it up to 40 mph. It does not change at all during acceleration or deceleration. I took it to a local shop and they said it might be the pinion or ring gears and said it would be about $900 to fix unless they found something else once they opened it up. They would not guarantee that the noise would be gone after they were done.

    I looked in the archives, and most of the posts referred to noises that changed under accel or decel. A dealer once messed up my spline bearings when replacing a front seal and not torqueing the bolts correctly. That happened around 85K miles and they fixed it free (after some arm twisting). This has a different, more constant sound with pitch increasing with speed.

    Any hints from the experts here?? Any recommendation of a good Camaro shop in South Jersey (Atlantic City area)?

    Thanks for any help. I have been lurking for the last year or so and this is my first post.

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    Might be a bearing, too.

    "Local Shop" -- go to someone that specializes in gears - a 4 wheel drive shop might be a place to start. Beware that even gear shops can exist for a long time doing hack jobs -- ask around.


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    Your getting raped at that price. I had the timkin bearing going out in my 99 formula and had the a shop specializing in rear ends replace the axle bearings, a complete hd bearing rebuild kit(gauranteed to last,American made)Yukon 4.11 gears(American made)installed for $585

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    A little gear whine won't hurt anything. Whats the problem?

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