so I found out today that the junkyard differential I had put in my car after the stock one died has 240000 miles on it and is in horrible shape.... I don't want to buy a 12 bolt or 9" at all for the time being. I am not racing or anything at the moment so I don't need a really strong whole new setup. I just was a little bit stronger than stock 10bolt, and I read up on it and you can have up to 500hp on a properly built quality 10 bolt. I actually know someone putting down 640hp and runs nothing but drag radials on it and has had no problems with his in the 12000 miles he has put on it over the passed 3 years. he said just build it with quality parts and it will stand whatever you throw at it. I know he used an eaton limited slit something for what he has. what all would I need to redo mine to handle a little bit more power and keep me from having 2 weeks of downtime when I really need my car.