Hi Everyone,

In an effort to offer more options and the best products possible to our customers we are very happy to announce the release of a new line of shift knobs. These knobs share the same look as our classic line however we have added our new NTIS® Technology to them. The NTIS shift knobs are available with the M16 x 1.5 thread pattern to fit Camaros as well.

Our engineers developed a system for fastening shift knobs to shifters that is unlike anything previously seen in the automotive aftermarket. NTIS® Technology, in short, creates a factory-like threaded on shift knob (specific for each vehicle) which is height adjustable by an impressive 1.5" and does not need set screws to secure it to the shifter or orient its logo.

We are now also able to offer any thread pattern so if your shifter is threaded, we've got a weighted replacement for you, regardless of the make or model of your car! Simply e-mail us anytime at sales@twmperformance.com if you've got any specific requests.

Below is a diagram which briefly outlines how the system works. For a full description I invite you to read the latest article on our website found here: http://www.twmshiftknobs.com/column/index.html

We've replaced our Classic line of shift knobs on www.twmshiftknobs.com with the NTIS Technology® equipped knobs so if you'd like to purchase on simply select your vehicle make and model on the left side of the homepage.