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Clutch problem

This is a discussion on Clutch problem within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; My car is having trouble disengaging the clutch ('96 Z28, T56 6 speed). I replaced the clutch slave and master ...

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    Clutch problem

    My car is having trouble disengaging the clutch ('96 Z28, T56 6 speed).

    I replaced the clutch slave and master cylinder 2 years ago and everything was fine until recently. All of a sudden 1st and R are tough to get into (which means one of the above is probably bad again).

    After bleeding the clutch, it seemed perfect for a bit then became difficult again (probably a leak in the system somewhere, though it wasn't apparent).

    So I replaced the slave cylinder first (because its easier and neither had an apparent leak, no change). Then I replaced the clutch master cylinder.

    Now the clutch won't disengage all the way when its cold. Its not the synchros, when you try to put the car in 1st it will actually move the car forward via friction in the synchros (i.e. telling that the clutch isn't releasing all the way).

    Once the car has been driven a little its perfect, the trans and clutch act like they should.

    Its almost as if the clutch system is letting air in while it sits and then bleeds itself after being used for a bit.

    I bled the slave cylinder by hand pumping the slave piston at 45 deg. a bunch of times, after the master cylinder was installed I bled the system with my vacuum bleeder.

    Both seals at the end of the hydraulic line are new (as are the clutch master and slave cylinders) so is it possible the hydraulic line is bad? The system has never leaked a drop.
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    Quick question, should i be able to move the slave cylinder any when its in the car? i can grab the braided line that attaches to the slave cylinder right at the trans, it will mn move about 1/4".
    is that normal?

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