I hope this is helpful. This is elsewhere but I am posting it here to make it easier to find. My experiences repairing my T56, stuck in 4th after a vary hard shift (and win).

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Hey guys I have a new update. ... Problem is, is that the "Gear Box" does not have any of the parts i need
Like redbird says, call Tick or Thegearbox, both were helpful and forthcoming with good info. I got my bronze billet pieces from Tick.
Here's what I got:
TICKshift Bronze Complete Fork Pad Upgrade Kit for T56 $99.99
TICKshift #15/16 3rd/4th Billet Keys & Springs $59.99
TICKshift #95 Isolator Cup (Bronze Upgraded) $21.99
You can tell the pieces are bronze [not brass] since they are lightly magnetic.
The rest of the parts came from a local transmission hard parts supplier: Nogalitos Gear, 2109234571, San Antonio TX, ask for Bobby in Manual Transmissions. He faxed an assembly diagram, I circled the parts I wanted, he quoted it by fax and I went and picked them up. You could call them or find a local supplier in your area and do the same. I replaced the syncro blocking rings [not reverse], and assembly lube ~$220. Although I replaced the mainshaft ~$225, I probably didn't have to. Also Tick & Gearbox would have had to order the mainshaft. Nogalitos had it on hand.
Some tips:
* Except for the bronze, all the replacement parts are Borg-Warner Tremec. There is no aftermarket magic unless heavily modifying. Shop by price & service. There are no B-W factory "overhaul kits" just those assembled by the resellers.
* Soak the blocker rings in ATF before assembly.
* Check the Pilot Bearing [DO NOT OVER-LUBE! If it's wet maybe just leave it alone.
* There's a way to smooth the blocker ring and syncro engagement to facilitate faster shifting. I am trying to get research on that.
* The rebuilder advice is to use factory ATF. The blocker ring clutches are like a posi or motorcycle in that the clutches are immersed in the fluid. Factory ATF is designed for the application. Change it on interval.
* Vespel pads are probably a myth.
* There is an O-Ring on the mainshaft, not on the parts lists, reuse it, it is only there to hold the parts together during reassembly.
* Most rebuilds do not replace snap rings, c-clips, or syncros.