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Auburn rear info needed

This is a discussion on Auburn rear info needed within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; My SS has the SLP Auburn rear option and it's time for a fluid change. Someone told me to never ...

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    Question Auburn rear info needed

    My SS has the SLP Auburn rear option and it's time for a fluid change. Someone told me to never use synthetic in the Auburn or a gasket behind the cover. I used to know a website that listed all of the parts necessary for the fluid change, but I have no idea what it is any more. Any help/info will be appreciated. Thanks!!!

    BTW, yes, I've already used the search option......
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    I have no idea why you couldnt use a synthetic in a Auburn. My guess would be that synthetic is more "slippery" for lack of a better term than convantional oil and because the Auburn uses a conical clutch material seated in a machined counterbore in the carrier rather than flat clutch packs. Maybe the cones dont grab as easy with synthetic. If you use a conventional gear oil you must use the posi additive, if you use synthetic you do not need it. I have a T-56 in my car and when i changed the ATF to synthetic I found it did not shift as well. Someone told me the synchros didnt work as well with synhetic for just that reason. I switched back to conventional ATF and it shifts good again. Valvoline has a blend of conventional and synthetic, this can not be accomplished by simply adding one bottle of synthetic to a bottle of conventional. Valvoline makes their product special. As for no gasket.. why any one wouldnt use a gasket is beyond me, unless your using silicone which I dont reccomend, it looks all sloppy and orange dripping out of your inspection cover. Gaskets are fine. i know never to replace a O ring sealed part with a gasket or visa versa but I know you can typicaly replace any gasket with silicone depending on the grade of silicone and its application RTV blue, RTV red etc... I think the best way to find out for sure is by contacting Auburn directly.

    Auburn Gear Inc.

    400 East Auburn Drive
    Auburn, IN 46706 - 3499

    Phone: (260) 925-3200
    Fax: (260) 925-4725

    All the parts you need are a gasket, fluid (additive with conventional) and a can of brake cleaner to rinse the particles out of the carrier.

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    Whether you want to use a gasket or not is your choice. I just happen to like RTV better so that's what I use...but whether you have an auburn or not does not affect your gasket or no gasket decision.

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    My 01 SS has the Auburn rear. Per my SLP owners manual it states that 80W - 90 mineral (non synthetic) oil and 2 ounes of GM limited slip additive must be used. GM limited slip additive can be purchased at any GM dealer. The AAM cover installed on your rear does not use a gasket. They tell you not to use a gasket for a reason. The rear end housing has been drilled to allow oil flow across the cover for cooling. Using a gasket will block off the ports. Use Loctite black RTV on the cover.

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    don't put synthetic in it.the cone clutches wear fast if you do.

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