Okay I just picked up a 1998 Camaro Z28... has a 2001 WS6 LS1, and a 6 Speed Manual. The car itself runs great, shifts great, feels great. But since I just got this car less than 24 hours ago I'd like to look into the few problems I have found.

Problem 1. ASR Completely Inoperable.
When I get in the car by default the ASR is turned on. If I try to accelerate with this option on, the car almost immediatley says "Low Trac" and the peddle stiffens. The car will not operate with ASR on. If I use the switch to turn off the option, the car runs great minus the traction control, and obviously there is wheel spin. I had the car up and couldnt see anything unhooked or damaged. The differential cover has been off, as the fresh gasket sealer is apparent.

Problem 2. ABS Inop / Brake Lights On.
The brakes feel decent, I notice that the drivers side rear rotor is wearing uneven, there is only wear showing on the outter 3/4-1 inch portion of the rotor. The lights turn on about 2 mins into the drive, or after a decent amount of pressure is applied to the brakes. Like I said I just got the car so I am still learning, but I learn quick.

Id like to address these problems asap and get them fixed and hopefully spare the cost and time of taking it to a dealership. If anyone has any suggestions please help.