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Any Try To Put Independant Rear In F-body

This is a discussion on Any Try To Put Independant Rear In F-body within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by Jays00ss Way too much $ and effort for me. To each his own but man!!! I'll stick ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jays00ss View Post
    Way too much $ and effort for me. To each his own but man!!! I'll stick with my 9" and use the rest of the money for my cam and and the time I save putting it all in, I'll have enough time to make it to the track!!
    I hear ya,,,,but sometimes thats what it takes if you want to be unique and have an Fbody standout among a crowd, especially a 4th gen.

    Personally I am a solid axle guy myself though, just like you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jays00ss View Post
    Way too much $ and effort for me.
    I think I can do this for less than the cost of a 9". I guess part of the expense is just the time and effort, but I like messing with this stuff. It's a challenge.

    I have seen heavy duty halfshafts, they aren't any problem.

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    Some interesting info on the Cobra IRS.

    If the pic doesn't load, copy and paste this into a new window.

    Finally, there is the Mustang Cobra's independent rear suspension (IRS). Ford designed this IRS so that it attaches to the 1979-2004 Mustang's stock suspension mounting points. That somewhat compromised the performance of the IRS, but it means that the unit can be bolted into any late model Mustang chassis. The IRS subsystem is about 70 lbs. heavier than a solid rear axle, which contributes a better front/rear weight distribution, and it reduces the car's unsprung weight by about 125 lbs.
    So they add some total weight to the car, but reduce unsprung weight a lot. Also note the mounts for the cradle. Those front mounts are what the Tbird cradle needs. If we bend them at a 90* angle and extend them it will clear the F-body floor pan and bolt right into the LCA mounts. Now that really is sweet. Much less modding to the car body.

    A bigger pic that shows the common round suspension bushings on the ends of the cradle arms.

    We could also fab up some mounts like this:

    and then weld on the matching round bushing links on the back side of the cradle and the whole subframe assembly would bolt right in. This actually does seem to be the easiest way to mount it.

    I also notice that some Mustang guys replace these round mount bushings with solid units.

    Solid aluminum suspension cage bushings to eliminate squirm found in the OEM rubber bushings. Complete the process of solid mounting the rear suspension for optimum handling at the track.
    If we didn't really need need rubber bushing to isolate thae cradle from the car body it would simplify things even more. We could cut off the mounting arms, which would save weight and solidly bolt the unit to the F-body underside.

    Maybe poly bushuings would be a good compromise?

    Steeda IRS Subframe bushings improve handling, reduce wheel hop, and improve tire clearance on the 1999-2004 Mustang Cobra. The entire rear suspension of the Cobra is attached to a steel subframe, which in turn is attached to the car with just four rubber bushings. The rubber bushings deflect under load, leading to wheel hop and less predictable handling. Our polyurethane bushing kit substantially reduces unwanted subframe movement and wheel hop. You will notice an immediate improvement in car control after installing these bushings.
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