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Is this affecting my alignment? One side slides...

This is a discussion on Is this affecting my alignment? One side slides... within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; WHen turning left and getting on the gas I can slide the car out and have fun with the throttle. ...

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    Is this affecting my alignment? One side slides...

    WHen turning left and getting on the gas I can slide the car out and have fun with the throttle. WHen going right it just wont do it as easy. Today in the rain I noticed I turned right and stomped on it and I just heard a tire spinning.. That leads me to think it's the diff and that the posi died BUT....

    WHen I changed out the PHB I used the BFH technique. I f*&^ed up the bracket pretty bad and here's what it looks like. Can this be causing a slight alignment problem causing the car to slide easier when turning one way?? A big burnout is in order after work to see if Its burning both tires.

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    It's not going to throw the rear off it will just cause bind in the up and down travel but nothing major. It's a limited slip diff in these cars and rain will expose how limited it is every time. When you put full throttle to it on a wet road turning right even if it is brand new you can get the one wheel wonder effect. the key is part throttle on dry. Even full on dry can cause this. the best way to tell is to launch straight on dry and light them up. if only one is spinning then you have a problem. Some times if you have the rear gear fluid drained at a quick lube they don't always put the additive back in it and it can take months some times for it to show up and you get the one wheel wonders. If there is a problem change the fluid by, Draining the rear, putting in a limited slip additive, filling to the correct level with diff lube and then driving to a parking lot where you can DRIVE (not slide) in figure 8 patterns both ways. If this dose not cure it then start saving for a rebuild or a 12 bolt or 9 inch swap.
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    Sounds like your carrier (posi) is bad. The additive lets it slip on turns and not chatter but has nothing to do with straighline performance.....

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