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aburn posi vs eaton posi units

This is a discussion on aburn posi vs eaton posi units within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; i've got a 2000 pontiac with 273's and an aburn posi unit i'm gettin rid of the 273's for 410's ...

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    aburn posi vs eaton posi units

    i've got a 2000 pontiac with 273's and an aburn posi unit i'm gettin rid of the 273's for 410's any feed backs on an aburn posi vs an eaton posi

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    for one if u have 273 now then ur a a4.... if ur going with 410s kiss the high way good by... and #2 i broke all three types and the zexton (worm gear type) lasted the longest and had the least damage.... or u could just get a 12 bolt or a nine inch and be safe but thats some green

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    im not to sure about the brand names... but i just putt 4.10 gears in my car and i LOVE my gears, but theperson above is right i have to stay around 55 on the freeway, and thats with my rpm's around 2300.. dont like to take mouch higher than that

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    I would not reccommend an Auburn differential or Zexel Torsen as a replacement. I have an Auburn in my car from the factory, and with 92K on it, its useless. Clutches are shot. Zexel Torsens tend to chew up worm gears when abused.

    An excellent aftermarket rear is a Detroit (Eaton) TruTrac. They are a torque sensing diff like a Torsen, but much, much stronger. They are pretty much bulletproof. They are also one of the cheapest, you can pick up a TruTrac for less than $400 brand new.

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    I'd never recommend a Torsen for dragstrip duty. My stocker was very noisy and clunky, even before ever racing the car, lol. I replaced it with a low mileage Auburn, and it was great for 2 years and many, many wheels up launches. It finally gave up on a normal speed highway drive just a few weeks ago, so I replaced it with a new Eaton I had for it and although it hasn't been in the car very long, it's flawless so far. If I didn't already have the Eaton, I would have used another Auburn, no question.

    FWIW, my car ran the same with 342's, as it did with 410's, and milegae dropped dramatically, so the 342's are back in and staying forever.

    BTW, Summit makes 342, 373 and 410 ratio gears that would fit your stock 2 series carrier. Surprisingly, they were as quiet as stock gears.
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    I used an Eaton Posi in my previous G-body 13.0 sec/ 1.8 60 ft car and loved it. But when they're brand new and work great, whats not to love?

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