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This is a discussion on A4-m6 within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; hey guys i gota 98 trans am bone stock. i got an automatic and it just took a dump on ...

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    hey guys i gota 98 trans am bone stock. i got an automatic and it just took a dump on me i think because it wont shift out of 1st gear. well i know this thread is over done but i was curious what it would take to switch it to a 6spd because auto bores me and i really like manual =] so if u guys can tell me if its worth it?? much $$??..and the list of parts i would need to complete. THANKS flex:

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    I've never done it on a fbody, but just completed a MT swap on my 90 subaru. Besides all the interior trim, clutch pedal, slave, tranny, etc. I ended up needing different drive shafts, mounts, rear end, rear springs, and some other misc parts.

    Your best bet is to find a wrecked m6 for all the parts.

    Not sure myself, but ask the experts around here about whether the ECM will affect anything

    good luck

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    It's been talked about on here before.
    I agree with Doc in that it's much easier to find a donor car and get everything you need. There are also a couple of wires that need to be changed or spliced. The ECM has to be relfashed with a 6 speed tune,,,it's the best way as people have tried to make the auto tune work by deleting things and ran into issues.

    Something else to consider too is the rearend gear. Since you have an auto it's possible your car has the standard 2.73 gears,,,in which case the 2.66 1st gear of the 6-speed will not be happy. It will be more difficult to take off and harder on clutches.
    With that said it would be a good times for a gear swap as well,,,or use what the donor car has.

    It's a pretty straight forward swap really, and GM High Tech did a nice writeup on it a few months back. I'm sure if you visit their website you could purchase a back copy or at least look at it,,,it might give you an idea if you still want to pursue this route.. Just a thought.

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