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6th gear grind

This is a discussion on 6th gear grind within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Im looking at a 99 z28 and when I was test driving it all the gears seemed tight and fine ...

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    6th gear grind

    Im looking at a 99 z28 and when I was test driving it all the gears seemed tight and fine but when I went to go into 6th it grinded just for a split second but went in fine and did so every time after. I was wondering will the tranny need a rebuild immediatley or can this be used for a good length of time. After all I dont think anyone slams 6th to be bad on the forks or synchros.
    Thanks Dan

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    Weird. Mine was doing that in 2nd gear and I was all stressing like crazy over it because I almost immediately was thinking syncros... but I flushed my tranny (it def didn't feel like it was slipping, so I figured it was a safe bet to try) and bled my clutch and it stopped. I was real low on trans fluid and had air in the clutch and it fixed my problem! Give that shot. Also, I've heard that if you're not allowing the syncros to do their job in the proper time, they will grind ... but in 6th gear, they've usually had all the time they need by then

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