Just finished the LQ4/4L80E install in my '39 Chevy. Runs great, still sorting things out, including a shorty header leak. One nagging issue is that the trans seems to "hunt" and constantly shifts up and down, up and down at low speeds with light throttle application. Push on the gas and it's fine...Cruise at 5--60+ and so far no issues, but I haven't had it that fast except once or twice after I left the muffler shop and got my 02 sensors installed....Keeping in mind this set-up is from a 1 ton truck and my '39 is about 1,500 # lighter, wonder if this is an issue?? The 'puter was reworked by a guy in Texas, about two years ago, when I was getting my stuff together for the swap, but we didn't speak specifically of tranny stuff, just engine.....and its stock 'cept for the 'puter rework and shortie headers, no CATs.