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3:73 vs. 3:90

This is a discussion on 3:73 vs. 3:90 within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Well its really not that I'm worried about my top speed with the car, I would say that would be ...

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    Well its really not that I'm worried about my top speed with the car, I would say that would be my least concern. I want a lower gear just to get it moveing faster. I want a faster 1/4 mile time. I don't want so much low end that I cant get the car to stick to the ground. I like to run the gears and don't really want to be shifting none stop. All the speed I pick up with the gears I dont want to loose by shifting constantly. Maybe a little less harsh on the rear end.

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    Well when my car was bolt on w/4:10s it wouldn't break the tires loose from just mashing the gas, after my 232/236 cam it would tho. Traction wasn't really a problem. I wouldn't let that influence your decision. You do shift outta 1st kinda soon tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knoll5150 View Post
    I just had the rear-end go out on my 2000 Camaro SS M6, and replaced the stock 3:46 with 3:73 gears. Despite what people say about "seeing no difference" between the two, I think they're full of sh*t, and probably never had the work done on their car in the first place. I definately felt a big jump in low-end punch when I had the work done to my car. Hell, I was pissed to find out I had to spend $1,000+ to get the rear end rebuilt to begin with...but when the results where in the car felt like it gained a half second or so in the 0-60 times. I guess you'll gain even more low end grunt with 4:10's or 3:90's, but you'll lose top end grunt, and gas mileage as well...ok, no one cares about gas mileage here! Al Gore can kiss my ass and merry a penguin on a "dissapearing" iceberg for all I care.
    I'm with you on the 342 to 373 change.I was told the same thing that you wouldn't notice the difference, but I found them to be flat wrong.The difference in my 77 camaro is like day light and dark.Some times you just have to follow your own mine and go for it.

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    you will feel going to 3.73 gears no doubt, ive changed the rear end on all 5 of my camaro's. The reason why people say you wont feel it is not very likely theyve done it but comes from the fact that if your gonna do it why not do 4.10's. Regardless going to 3.73 gears is still going to be noticable and your car is going to be quicker and if 4.10's is not going to be an option for you then do the 3.73's, to me gears other then turbo, H/C, nitrous or supercharger is one of the best mods you can do. It sets a good foundation for taking advantage of the mods you will do in the future or have done by being in your powerband and getting there quicker.

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