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1998 Camaro differential swap

This is a discussion on 1998 Camaro differential swap within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey,new member here and looking for some advice/help. I have a 98 camaro with a stock rear end. Just a ...

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    1998 Camaro

    1998 Camaro differential swap

    Hey,new member here and looking for some advice/help. I have a 98 camaro with a stock rear end. Just a 7.5 inch ten bolt without a posi unit. I reciently recieved a LSD rear end out of a 98 olds bravada and was going to put this into the camaro. They are both the same size and style. The only problem is that the camaro diff has a speed/tone ring on the unit for the abs and the olds diff does not. Is there any way that i can transfer this ring onto the LSD diff? If so how do i do it without damaging the speed/tone ring, and the sensor?

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    Differentials(Auburn,Torsen,Eaton),for GM cars, are machined to accept the GM ABS/reluctor ring.
    Since there are 2 different series carriers(2 series & 3 series),there are two different ABS rings,neither of which is available from GM anymore.
    Yes,it should be able to be transfered. 'lightly'tap it off in a circular pattern of the original differential and gently work it onto,in a circular pattern, the replacement carrier.
    If it breaks,you're kinda SOL as they're rare.

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