This is only my second post, but you guys came through on my first post so here goes. I have a 2005 GMC Sierra 2500HD with a 6.0L with a STS turbo running 5 psi. I just purcahsed a zeitronix wide band O2 sensor. The o2 sensor is install and all is working well, but I would like to install the other functions that are avaliable on this unit. I need to get a tach signal, the instructions say to take it off the coil low voltage side. Can I take it off from one of the coils, or is there a place on the ecu that would be better? I also need a 0 - 5 volt signal from the TPS. On a fly by wire system like the Sierra use's what wire do I use. Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance
Mark Rutherford