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OEM electric fans 2000 Sierra help!!!

This is a discussion on OEM electric fans 2000 Sierra help!!! within the GM Trucks forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by rel3rd This is the 2nd summer for my truck and the LS1 fan swap. My AC definitely ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rel3rd View Post
    This is the 2nd summer for my truck and the LS1 fan swap. My AC definitely works better with the electric fans, as opposed to the old mechanical comparison. I used stock 2000 LS1 f body fan setup, Nelson harness and already have HPTuners so that part was free.

    As a side benefit, once you install the electric fans, it opens up the whole front of the engine for a nice cold/fresh air kit. I made mine from a foot long piece of 4" exhaust pipe, a 4" 90 and a 4" to 3.5" adapter for MAF meter end. Just "flip" the stock upper radiator hose and it is completely out of the way and not dangling in no man's land like it would be if you didn't flip it...

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    So did you modify the stock airbox? Otherwise it isnt really any more a cold air intake than the stock setup is, although your intermediate tube is likely a bit more free flowing than the stocker.

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    OOps. (went to attach pic but it said over allowance...had to delete some old stuff)

    Yes, the stock airbox is modified. I actually modified the box a few years ago, before the airtube was added. I also modified the steel support underneath of the airbox. I'm pretty sure there wasn't anymore material that could be removed without losing some integrity of the airbox.


    I know for a fact that my setup works, as I have datalogged (w/my HPTuners) on several different occassions and intake air temperature is usually steady at (or only very slightly above) ambient temperature at only 55-65mph highway speeds, even in this hot weather we have had. At slower speeds, it is within a few degrees, and at idle it will creep up a little. In the Winter, I have actually logged IAT's on a WOT run, and seen the temperatures actually go down, from start to finish, a degree or two LOWER than ambient.

    I have an hour invested and about $35 total cash put out for the whole setup. I'm thinking of turning the horn to face up, so for a quick boost I can hit the horn button, LOL. (kidding of course)

    Not to keep going on and on, but I am going to see if any sort of plastic or PVC has a 4" o.d. like the piping I used. I noticed yesterday that it gets and stays quite hot when it is 100 out and the AC is on...I think the PVC would do better with the heat than that steel piping does...

    ...and in agreement to what you said, even without a modded airbox, the intake tube is DEFINITELY more free flowing than any stocker. I know mine was pinched together to clear the stock fan shroud and the only part of it that was 4" was the very end, near the throttle body. 4" and as straight as possible from MAF to TB can't be anything but better for air intake, than what we get stock. Even the POS Airaid intake tube (that I had) squeezes together like the stock one does.
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