Woke up this morning to the neighbors pounding on my door. to ask me if I knew my truck was hit.
the car hit my bumper glanced off and snagged my trailer hitch.
We jumped in his car and followed the fluid trail. found the vehicle parked about 1/2 mile away behind a gas station. called the cops.
They even left a piece of their car at the scene, somebody walked up and said they heard a loud bang about 330 am.
I usually park my Z28 there,
Cell phone photos
They got the girl that was driving, said she had a fight with her boy friend after leaving the bar at 230 AM. and after hitting my truck... She didnt know what to do. so she drove off.
They are getting her for drunk driving, and hit & run.
Damages to my truck was 1600 bucks, but when I went to pick up the estimate. we noticed the cab got hit from the bed banging against it. and an other dent on the box panel
My truck only has 4400 miles on it.woman drivers pissed and drunk.