I have a 1997 tahoe with the 5.7 liter Vortec V8. My oil pressure guage was not working so I took it in to get it fixed. The guage is part of the whole cluster so I had tobuy a whole new instrument cluster for $380.00. Before I replaced it my charging guage read 14 volts all the time now it is barley reading 10 volts. What is your reading and is this exceptable rang for a new guage?

My new oil pressure guage reads 20psi hot idle andabout 40 crusing on the highway. Is this a good and how close is it to your read outs?

MY engine temp guage reads 3/4th the way to 210 degrees. Seems low to me but it reads the exact same temp as the old cluster did so maybe it is right.

Truck has 130,000 total miles all original and runs GREAT!
Here are several pictures of the new cluster read out and all are fully hot engine:

This is hot idle in park

Here is a shot hot idle full cluster:

Here is one driving 25mph:

Here is one driving 50mph:

Here is a shot with the RPM's at 2,000 in park to show you readings with out a load:

Can you guys check your readings and let me know if these readings are close to being one or if they are way off. I'm a little pissed cause I wanted the new guages to read right on and I have a feeling that they are off a bit especially the volt meter.

The shop did install a cellinoid to prevent my camper trailer from draining mytrucks battery. It seperates the 2. I'm wonderig if this may have something to do with the charging guage reading so low. I had Napa check my charginf system and all checked out good but the dam guage is still reading low. Here is a few pictures of that cellinoid that prevents my trailer from draining my truck battrey. Can you tell if it is wired up right?

Thank you for any input!!!!!