Ok, it would be pointless to ask about the pros and cons for swappin out the LM7 for a LS1. Cause we all know the LS1 is a more effeciant motor.

60 pounds lighter, with a higher compression and larger bore. All this equals more power to the wheels, but in the long run how does the block hold up??

My main concern is the block. I am runnin in hot temps at high speeds almost all the time, in the addition to towin at least once a week...

I know for a fact the Iron block is indestructable, and if i choose to force induct, i can go far with it.

But a 5.7 would be a dream, takin my already high MPG even higher...I am presently pullin in 22mpg at 80mph but no ac. 19-20 mpg with the ac on...

Lookin forward to all your responses