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how fast are the ssr trucks

This is a discussion on how fast are the ssr trucks within the GM Trucks forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; there is this guy who wants to run me in my 01 z28 and i just wanna know how fast ...

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    Cool how fast are the ssr trucks

    there is this guy who wants to run me in my 01 z28 and i just wanna know how fast they are he has a 2004 ssr stock just curious

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    I saw em running at the auto show in motion a few years back, real loud but didn't run for crap. I don't know the numbers, but they didn't have an LS series motor until the last production year I believe. You should be fine.

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    my boss had one that had alot done to it and his son in law (who cant drive)
    told me he punched it at 20 mph and it spun him around facing traffic. my sons football coach has one and he told me its a 5.3, i drove by him in my hawk last week and he didnt want to play. so i think there might have been different opt avalible..

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    Not that fast. The late ones got the LS2, but it's in a vehicle that weighs two and a half tons. I drove one at the Autoshow in Motion, and was not impressed with the performance.

    You'd have to pull a spark plug wire to make it a fair race between a stock 01 Z and a stock SSR.

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    SSR isn't as fast as it looks. Simple reason is that its built on a truck platform instead of a car platform. It uses the Trailblazer chassis, so it weighs ~4500lbs and doesn't handle all that well. If it was built on something like the GTO chassis instead, it would weigh about 1,000lbs less, handle much better, and be a whole lot faster.

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    A bone stock LS2 SSR will run a 14 flat, or with traction a 13.9. They are quick....for a truck. My TBSS AWD intake and muffler delete pulled a 13.87 if that means anything to you. My Z ran a 13.56 bone stock so i think you are safe. Make sure you put some $$$ down on that race

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