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Can a 5.3 be bored over?

This is a discussion on Can a 5.3 be bored over? within the GM Trucks forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I was told that a 5.3 can be bored over to acheive the 5.7 bore,Who's done this?...

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    Can a 5.3 be bored over?

    I was told that a 5.3 can be bored over to acheive the 5.7 bore,Who's done this?

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    total diff. bore and stroke. from a 5.7 I heard the 4.8->5.3 got a stroke and the 5.3->6.0 got a bore. but prolly diff. sleeves

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    Quote Originally Posted by FORMULA7 View Post
    I was told that a 5.3 can be bored over to acheive the 5.7 bore,Who's done this?
    YES YOU ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY CAN - i have done this to several engines and it works very well. the first was a conversion in my 71 malibu in 2003/2004 and i ran the carb/intake and msd electronics to over 30,000 miles before going to f.i. ls2

    here are things i have found:
    -the 4.8 and 5.3 have the same bore. and all 7 blocks i have done this to have sonic-tested to 5.7 wall specs with very little core-shift.
    -the 5.3 and 5.7 have the same stroke and IN FACT most is not all of the 5.3 cranks have the 12552216 casting number which is the same crank as the 5.7 but WITHOUT the lightening holes which run through the center ( which is a 1.5 pound weight savings from the CENTER of the crank and it does not affect bob-weight for balancing being in the center )
    if you were to weigh a stock 5.7 piston/rod/pin/ring set and compare it to your 5.3 piston/rod/pin/ring set you will find gram weights to be very very close - it is this extremely close gram weight that led me to the math/bobweight formulas for v-8 balancing that ultimately led me to the decision that G.M. was pretty smart in the 12552216 crank and it would work without re-balancing - and it does. all engines were very smooth and the overbore was as simple as it would be for any other sbc.
    -my advice - keep going - do it and have fun with it. IT WORKS WELL !
    you can write me if you have any other questions or need help with this .

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