Hey guys, I've got 20 inch rims with 30-31 inch tall tires. I've been looking at lifting my truck. The tires rub the fenders a little bit on big dips, and I bought a new toy for the desert. I was looking at a 6 inch lift for the front. 4 inches of spindle and 2 or 3 in a spring. The kit won't work with the stock tires... not a big suprise. It requires 4.75-5 inches of backspacing. I pulled my rims, and they only have 6.25 inches of backspacing. Is the backspacing that important if the rims are 20 inches instead of say 16 or 17 inches?

Every truck I've been in with a lift was stiff and choppy. Isn't a lift (with more travel) supposed to softer, squishier... maybe more prone to lean and dive/squat?

A spindle/block or spindle/shackle lift will at the least, keep the stock springs and stock ride. Has anybody used a lift spring with a nice ride? Has anybody used those Dayco coil spring spacers?

Thankz for taking the time to read this..