Hi guys, new to the site so I thought I would send out a couple questions for my new project. I h ave a 6.0 out of a 2004 express van that I want to put in my 98 s10. The s10 has a 4.3 and a 5 speed in it right now. Im pretty sure I need to change the intake to one off a camaro or corvette, and i believe the accessory drive needs to be changed too. Are there any specific years or models I need to get these parts from? Im thinking of just getting the swap done and then worry about hopping up the engine. Im going to call current performance for the wiring so it will be as plug and play as possible. Does anyone know if the 5 speed in my truck will bolt up to the 6.0? Im pretty familar with the gen2 small blocks but the ls series is new to me. What are the best bang for the buck mods I can do on this thing? Im starting from scratch so any help or tips you guys could give would be great. Oh by the way I scored the motor off of craigslist for 250.00 which included the starter, alternator, ac compressor and pcm. I couldnt pass it up. Thanks in advance for the help.