I was a member for awhile, and lost the info and had to re-register. This is my first visit in a few years, but I need to make sure I have the right information.

We bought a 2008 Suburban Ltz last year, with a 5.3. As you know the AFM is garbage, so we wound up putting a cam, cam sensor and new lifters in it within 6 months of the purchase. Now its losing 3-4 qts of oil between changes, and the oil pump is done. Ive had enough.

I found a 6.0, LY6 from a 2500 truck, for about $1500. It has 100k miles, but so does the 5.3. Ive read a few truck forum posts, with the same problems, and heres what Ive got.

Buy the 6.0, LY6. Use the 5.3 heads, intake, exhaust manifolds, and front timing cover. Get a non-vvt cam (preferably, an ls2 pull out, which wont require new push rods) and reflash the computer, to eliminate the AFM, and maybe free some HP while Im at it. Am I missing anything?

This is my wifes car. Im not as concerned about hp as I am making sure the thing will start when she needs it. I want to swap it myself, just to save money. I would rather not have to measure pushrod length if possible. Im mechanically inclined like most, but I dont have a lot of special tools.