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Why So Many Stangs...............?

This is a discussion on Why So Many Stangs...............? within the Domestics and Foreigns forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by matthewaqui Those Stang V6 used to be in expensive, but checking 2 months ago proved otherwise. If ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthewaqui View Post
    Those Stang V6 used to be in expensive, but checking 2 months ago proved otherwise. If you are lucky, you will get ione under $20,000. Man, based on this, either way, I don't see how GM can go base model on their V6 250 Horse and be comparable to sell. No price has been set for that new Camaros which I'm falling really closely. You get more horses for the Camaro compared to the V6 Stang.... given they are at the same price, who would want to purchase a Stang.

    External appeal of the Mustang is a thumbs up, while I feel the Interior is so poorly manufactured.

    The Majority of Mustang owners feels they have one of the quickest vehicle on the road around here in California. If that's the case, the new Camaro owners will feel like they own the world when it comes out in 2009.
    +1 Ford is going to have to step it up next year if they want to compete with Chevy once again.

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    I get what you all mean. Here is Sac there are a lot and I mean a lot of Mustangs and Corvettes. They're a dime a dozen and that why I love my car even more. At first it used to be more base model stangs and GT's but lately I've seen Cobra's popin outta no where. GTO's, T/A'a and Camaro's are "rare" to come across. I bet you if I look out my office window I will be able to count 5+ stangs in the parking lot, the part that I can only see.

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    They are cars that appeal to the masses, with great performance for the price. Sure they can't keep up with an LS1 stock for stock, but they still perform great, have a shape that reminds everyone of the 60's muscle cars, and are priced affordably. Also the 4.6 is a very reliable motor that goes forever if maintained properly.
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    Mustangs are everywhere

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    Thumbs up Another Number!

    Despite I still see quite a lot in California, I believe the sales for them have dropped this year!!!! I love the 2010 Camaro and would like to own one, but if everyone will have one, what is the freakin use of being just another number on the street huh?
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowboardr18 View Post
    Mustangs are everywhere

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    Cheers, I like being one of the fewer in the FBody club. What makes it better is every mustang thinks they are the fastest. Fortunately stock to stock very few mustangs will be able to beat you! While i was lowering my car I had it outside and a mustang with exhaust passed and revved it as high as her could then just kept driving. What are mustang drivers even doing.

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