Hello guys. I'm looking for a 4 cylinder vehicle sport wagon. So far what I have come up with is Toyota Matrix, Pontiac Vibe or Mazda Protégé 5. Looking for 2002-2003 model. I had a 1999 mazda protégé sedan years ago and it was a very good vehicle. Never had a major problem.

I do know the Matrix and Vibe have the same engine and they have timing chain. The vibe is cheaper but I like the looks of the matrix more between the two. I do like the protégé 5 because I'm familiar with it and I can do the timing belt if I need to.

I might sell the TA after I get another vehicle. I'm moving away from Orlando to St Cloud which is about 50 miles away so I need a more economic vehicle.

Anyone owned or owns any of these vehicles and can give me some feedback? I will really appreciate it.