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This is a discussion on G8 within the Domestics and Foreigns forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by matthewaqui So, is that how it is Matey? I guess we are fortunate for having the G8 ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthewaqui View Post
    So, is that how it is Matey? I guess we are fortunate for having the G8 over here in the US. Cost efficient wise going with a model that you guys have already save GM money...... you know, despite the case of having a coupe, just because the Sedan sells, it doesn't mean a sporty coupe will do the same for couple buyers would purchase from other makes.

    Just like you said, the G8 is a family car catered package, reared at 4 or 5 passengers unlike a coupe. I think coupe owners will take their business elsewhere rather than GM.

    Whatever the case, I still appreciate my G8 though the wife is driving it and not me... as a matter of speaking, your Holden G8 front looks like the 4 cylinder Saturn L200 that I'm driving right now.

    Would you have liked your front to resemble that of our G8s?

    Stay safe and sain,
    I think nowadays, Holden (our GM subsidiary) bank on selling RWD platform cars overseas, as our market alone would not sustain the development costs. I reckon we make a good quality product, but just cannot compete with the likes of Toyota, Nissan, etc, if we do not look globally. It would take GM in the US to say they want the Coupe 60 before anything happened, as our market will not justify the tooling for that car in such low volumes if it were to be for our market only. With the Camaro on the horizon (although, I too, am not a fan of the interior....), it almost certainly appears that the Coupe 60 will remain a concept-only car.

    As for the front-end, I probably do like the Pontiac treatment a little better than the style on our Commodore SS or SS-V. Having said that, however, I'm not a great fan of the VE over here, at this stage - it looks a bit too boxy for me and the rear spoiler on our cars is hideous. It seems that the Pontiac G8 design is a little more sedate and is aligned more with my styling preferences.

    Enjoy your car mate.

    Quote Originally Posted by tonyjnjz View Post
    LOVE the interior of your car mecca33...those seats look soo plush and comfy!!!

    Thanks very much mate. They are leather and are as comfortable as they look! After a long trip of 5-6 hours driving, you come out feeling very fresh still.



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    Quote Originally Posted by basballny2 View Post
    personally i dont know why you would want a 361 hp car to lug your kids around in
    my gf has a 290hp lexus that we drive around in and we will haul the kid around in it when it comes in december.

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    i see a difference in almost 75 hp there, type of lexus?

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthewaqui View Post
    Click for full size
    Im sure you guys know already, but GM is saying that is NOT the interior of the camaro... that's just the pre-production mule.

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