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98 Svt Cobra

This is a discussion on 98 Svt Cobra within the Domestics and Foreigns forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by xzaero0 I realize that a cobra really isnt that big of a deal , it still just ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by xzaero0 View Post
    I realize that a cobra really isnt that big of a deal, it still just a 4.6l with some goodies that the GT dosent have. I did cruise around alittle behind him and it didnt sound any meaner than my TA does, he lit them up pretty good about 15-20 roll but its nothing that I cant do if I lay into it. I had my TA dynoed and it was pretty sick--in a bad way. It only pulled 281/283 with some boltons. Im gonna wait until I get my exhaust done right, shift kit and some SFCs with a torque arm this winter, then Im gonna get him up to the track and see what it can do. He was talking about looking at putting a Supercharger on it. When he bought it, it was already built. but thats ok if he does get a supercharger by that time my Formula should be done and still my displacement and my boost will be greater than his so either way I should win. I think that Im gonna let Rhinoman with his 06 GTO run him first to see what hes got, seems the kid was looking for him also, and if Rhinoman beats him well I beat Rhinoman at the track so it shouldnt be a problem then, just more insult to his injury. I also have a buddy with a pretty mean GTP that wants to play with him after he gets his new tranny in. So I'll see what happens and keep you guys posted. Thanks
    just my opinion, but dont ever go into a race thinking this way. you will get upset sooner or later.

    the dohc motors, while still not having the bolt on potential of a pushrod engines, are no doubt far superior to the 2v or single overhead cam engines. cobras can easily put 300 hundred to the wheels with a catback and intake from the ones ive seen. it really comes down to gearing, kinda like racing a mach 1. dont discredit them, ive seen sn95 cobras that were beasts.

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    Your right after I re-read that it did seem a little cocky. I think that even now tho, It would be a good run, but I dont think that it would be a total defeat even if I lost. I have been beaten before and it really dosent bother me, I am a good loser. I think its great when I do get beat, it gives me a reason to get better. I think that anyone who atleast puts up a good show, should be shown respect unless they are a total ass about the out come of the race, win or lose. I only try to race people now that are in the same general type of class of car, I dont even bother with civics or mazdas unless they are built up, or they just want to see where they stand. Some of them are out for blood tho, I dont bother with them, I wont race someone with something to prove. The only thing that really bothers me is when people say they beat you when they didnt or if they brag about it when you didnt even race them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zggill04 View Post
    And one last thing for now, you said his valve covers were huge, all Cobras have valve covers about twice the width of the ones on our Camaros. The height isn't that tall, so don't be fulled by stock valve covers, all Cobras have big covers.
    A 2V 4.6 has huge valve covers too. My T-bird had that engine, and I had another one on an engine stand. It looked like a friggin' 428!!!

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    I'd be willing to bet that guy is telling a tell tell. In my experiences with the 4-valve and the cam grinds readilly available for them, there is usually going to be atleast a slight difference in idle as a give away. Plus, if you looked under his hood and said that nothing 'looked' aftermarket, like not even a throttle body or MAF of some sort, i'd say he's probably bluffing. The 96-98's were respectable nontheless, but were atleast solid half second behind an LS1 car with a good driver.

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