Hi, my friend just got an old 94 honda del sol. its has like 150 miles on it but is a DD car for him. Im trying to check the codes for the SES light. i dont see an OBD port anywhere. I know OBD2 start in 96. The only hing I noticed in the drivers side engine bay is a plug and a small separte plug that looks exactly like the diagnostic port for a grand marquis 94. I had a 94 grand marquis and i bought a scanner that i plug in that port and it gives me a series of light flashes and i can figure out the code. The thing is that my scanner says is for ford, lincond and mercury. I'm not sure if it will give me the proper codes.

i also heard of a way of checking the code by using a paper clip and jumping pins in a plug but I cant find info about. Does anyone knows how can i check the codes? Thanks.