so a few weeks ago i picked up an 06 envoy (L6, all stock, 31k miles) and since then i have noticed while driving the lights occasionally dim and the voltmeter drops, sometimes very low to where the car almost cuts out. other times it just dims slightly for a half second and bounces back up to 14. it is most noticable on the highway where everything is pretty constant, but definitely does it in city driving too. also, most times when i let off the gas and step on the brake it will do it. it is almost identical to what my t/a does, but considerably worse. would this be an alternator issue or just the voltage regulator itself? i vaguely remember seeing something about this for the f-bodys but im also curious as to if anyone with an envoy or trailblazer has experienced the same thing. i apologize for the novel, hopefully someone can help me out here