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sand blaster and die grinder questions

This is a discussion on sand blaster and die grinder questions within the Tools forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Any of you guys own a sand blaster? I'm thinking of buying one but not sure how large of one ...

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    sand blaster and die grinder questions

    Any of you guys own a sand blaster? I'm thinking of buying one but not sure how large of one I would need or what to look for really. It will be used for just taking paint and/or rust off of smaller type parts. I have no desire to sand blast a car frame in the near future. Just to take paint off of smaller parts to repaint and things like that. What can I get away with here? A handheld gun or the larger kits that hold 20-30lbs of media? I want to say the hand held would probably be enough but I'm not sure how fast they go through the media and I don't want to be loading media up every 5 minutes. That makes me think I should get the larger version.

    Which would I get more use out of, a die grinder or air cut off tool? I currently use a dremel for all of that kinda stuff but I want something with a little more balls to it. The die grinder kits I see on ebay don't have cut off wheels in the kit, why's that?

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    What type of room do you have? A CLEMCO Pulsar III works well for a standup and is well sealed for your protection if you can afford it. Most of your cheaper units will leak sand which contains Silica. (Bad to breathe).

    As far as a die grinder goes, I have an extra I-R 308 I'll be glad to sell you if your looking for pneumatic. They work great for small jobs with rotory files or disks. What are you wanting to grind?

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    I dont know about your laws there, but we used to get truck bodies media and sand blasted all the time, and the EPA is a bitch about that kind of shit man. I would just have a shop blast all of it they really dont charge much to do it, I had an LT1 intake media blasted for like 10 bucks. just another option for you. the one I know of is located near TRI-state dragway, in between Dayton and Cincinnati

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