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Hydro Press

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    Hydro Press

    I need a press... I was going to go with just an arbor press, but you can get hydraulic for about the same cash and get more bed space and and force...

    But now what brand... I want one that is around 20 tons... manual pump... I dont want one that uses a bottle jack, but rather has its own cylinder...

    I don't feel like there is any reason to spend more than $500...

    Some i have looked at...
    and its wider brother...

    Dake had a nice little 10 ton in my range, but it had a narrow bed and its only 10 ton... Lil help pleas


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    Check out the 2nd press on the attachment. The price includes shipping.

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    I use a 20 ton here in the shop, had it for many years and does everything I want to do on a car and then some.
    It's a hand pump with a bottle jack. Can't remember where I bought it or how much it was,,,been a long time.
    I actually prefer the bottle jack type because of the simplicity. If it ever goes out, replacing the bottle jack is cheap and easy. It just sits in there with a couple of bolts. You can buy bottle jacks anywhere. So no down time ordering parts if it quits. That's one reason I stayed away from the fancy models.

    I've done 3rd members, axle shafts, U-joints, manual transmissions, you name it. Just make sure you get one large enough to fit things like this, and also tall enough off the ground to stick axle shafts in there purpendicular to press axle bearings on and off. If you had to you can always set it up on cinder blocks for a little more floor clearance.

    Just some ideas, thoughts. Goodluck.

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